Daily XP: 2/16

Today’s news highlights:


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will be released on June 30 according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

The N. Sane Trilogy is a complete remaster of all three classic Crash games for the PS4.


Ghost Recon Wildlands will be holding an open beta February 23-27. You can start pre-loading the beta on February 21.

Ubisoft also announced that anyone who plays the beta will gain three bonus missions in the full game if played before March 31.

Ghost Recon Wildlands releases on March 7.


This weekend, February 16-19, Microsoft is allowing all Xbox owners to play multiplayer for free. No gold account is needed and this includes both Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Aside from that, Rocket League and NBA 2K17 will be free to play through the weekend.


Injustice 2 is coming to mobile devices according to creator Ed Boone. Boone said the game will include new features, modes, and a new combat system.

The game launches on May 16

Daily XP: 2/15

Here are today’s top stories.


Niantic announced that Johto Pokemon (gen 2) will be coming to Pokemon Go. 80 new Pokemon will be available.

Apart from new Pokemon, new avatar items, berries, and a tweaked interface will also be added. More intriguing is the addition of “new gameplay mechanics for Trainers to master”.

No actual date was given for the update but Niantic said it would be this week.


Starting August 15 PlayStation Now will be available only on PS4 and PC according to Sony. Every other PlayStation device and the Sony Bravia TVs will lose Now support.


Microsoft announced that on Sunday, June 11 at 2 p.m. pacific time (4 p.m. central) it will be holding its E3 press conference this year.


Bungie announced that a new update was added to Destiny. A whole number of balance changes, weapon tweaks and more were addressed in the update. If you want a run down of everything being changed look here.

Those are today’s highlights, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Daily XP: 2/14

Let’s get today’s top news out of the way.

Rocket League®_20160917175725

The creators of Rocket League, Psyonix, announced that their game would be getting a new PS4 Pro update. On PS4 Pro the game will run at a 4k resolution and at 60 frames per second. Not just in singleplayer play but also in split-screen play as well.

For those that own the standard PS4, the update will bump up the resolution to 1080p and will also run at 60 frames across all game modes.

The update has a February 21st launch date.


Nintendo announced today that the Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild will be getting two content DLC packs. The first, arriving this summer, contains a challenge called the Cave of Trials, a new hard mode, and a feature for the in-game map.

DLC pack two will arrive this holiday season and will contain new challenges, a new dungeon, and a new original story according to Nintendo.

Both packs will only be available through the Expansion Pass that grants access to both packs priced at $19.99. They will not be available individually.

The pass will be available on launch day (March 3rd) and will also be available on the Wii U.


Lego Worlds is getting its console release delayed. The game was slated to launch on February 21st but has been pushed back. No clear date has been given but various online stores have it listed as March 7th. Lego Worlds is the Minecraft-like open-world game.

That’s all for today check back tomorrow for all the news updates.


Daily XP: 2/13/2017

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever Daily XP. Basically, instead of summarizing the news every week, I will be summarizing the news of the day. This makes it easier for me to keep up with the news and you readers will be more up to date as well. So let’s get to it.

Battlefield™ 1_20170126140250

EA announced today that Battlefield 1 is getting a few new features. First is the return of ribbons which are challenges, like the medals, that reward you with 300 XP. They are different from medals in that you don’t have to select them to keep progressing towards earning them. Meaning you don’t have to switch between them like medals or even have to worry about managing them at all, they are just constant. Next, class ranks are being bumped up from 10 to 5o. These new ranks will give you new symbols for your kill cards and new dog tags that are specific to classes. In terms of weapons, certain weapons will now have a new elite weapon codex that will require getting 500 kills with them. Obtaining 500 kills will reward you with 25,000 XP. Lastly, at the end of each round players will get the opportunity to vote on the next map. All of this will be available through an update tomorrow (2/14).


343 Industries announced today that the PC version of Halo Wars 2 will not be getting a physical (disk) release in America. According to 343 Industries, only Europe will be getting a physical release. (Sucks if you already preordered the PC version)


Physics based platformer Human: Fall Flat is officially coming to PS4 and Xbox One. The game has so far only been available for release on steam where it currently has an average rating of 9/10. No release date was given. Human: Fall Flat is developed by No Brakes Games and is published by Curve Digital. You can see it in action in its latest trailer.

That’s all today folks. Catch you all tomorrow.

Loot Drop: For Honor Multiplayer Beta

I’ve played about two hours of For Honor’s beta and I am glad I did. Not only did it make me more excited about the game but I also came away impressed with the amount of depth it has. There are a few concerns that I have but I think they could be addressed properly with some thought.

For Honor is a  game all about melee combat. Basically, you face off against other characters that are either AI controlled or player-controlled. Aside from the tutorial I mostly played against other people. Even though the beta was multiplayer focused you can be squared up against an AI bot.



What separates For Honor from other similar games is its distinct combat system. Once you come up against your enemy you pull the left trigger to lock on to them. From here you have a variety of options. Pushing the right thumbstick up, right or left, sets your stance in that direction. Two attack options are available your quick, light attack and your slow, heavy attack. If your stance is to the right you swing from the right. Blocking attacks are crucial and you block attacks by holding the same stance that your opponent uses when they attack you. For example, if you see your opponent is in a stance to their left then you need to be in your right stance to block it. Same goes for you, if you attack from your left stance and your opponent is in their right stance then they will block your attack. Hitting them requires you to move your stance in order to attack and break through their defense. That sounds basic but there are a variety of actions and tactics to use. Strategies will also vary by player and what type of fighter they are. Other actions include dodging, rolling, throwing, breaking blocks, parrying and so much more.

For Honor Beta_20170128155956


“More” is the key word here. For Honor has more depth in both its combat and its multiplayer aspects than I would have guessed. Not only are there various actions to perform in combat but there is also the higher damage dealing combos you can perform and various executions. That’s not even mentioning counters and the fact that certain maps have hazardous environments that you can use to score one-hit kills. If, for example, you manage to throw your opponent into water or off high ledges (which feels great by the way). Facing off against another person is thrilling. After facing off in several one-on-one duels I thought I was getting the hang of it. A rookie mistake because once I was pitted with someone who really knew what they were doing I didn’t stand a chance. My takeaway from that is that anyone can be good but you do have the ability to truly master the gameplay and be an elite fighter.

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Speaking of fighters there are three different warriors to choose from including a knight, a samurai, and a Viking. In multiplayer you have to choose from one of three factions. No matter which faction you choose you can still choose any of the three warriors. The beta had three modes Duel, a one-on-one mode, Brawl, two-one-two, and Dominion, four-on-four. Brawl is pretty much two duels happening at the same time and it can be quite interesting as the match progresses. For example, if your teammate loses against their opponent then you have to defeat their opponent as well. In my experience when this happened the other opponent didn’t attack until I lost or I defeated his teammate first. This was sort of a respect thing that was nice since taking on two people means you are probably going to lose. That’s not to say someone might not attack, there are always those people who are jerks. Dominion is the only mode in the beta that was objective based. Two teams of four have to push forward taking the opposing team’s territory until they are pushed all the way back. In this mode, you have a large group of AI bots on either team. Pushing forward allows them to capture the next territory but if the opposing team kills them then their forces move forward to capture territory. During combat, you have to switch between attack the opposing team’s bots and players. From what I played Dominion seemed like it was a hard game to win at. Your team needs to be on the same page at all times and you can’t take on more than two players at once if you want to survive.


Like most multiplayer games For Honor has a customization and leveling system. Once again I was impressed by the depth of the systems. Everything from armor, weapons, and perks can be leveled up and customized. Different armor pieces can be swapped for better ones that you randomly get as loot after matches or you can purchase them in-game. Weapons work the same way. With weapons, you can even change their grips and handles. In both weapons and armor, every upgrade or new piece can change the stats of your warrior. An incredible amount of time and care can be put into setting up the perfect warrior to match your style. Each warrior handles a little bit different too. Vikings are slow but deal more damage than the other two warriors. Samurai is fast and highly agile but they deal the least amount of damage. Knights are in the middle. I didn’t play enough to see if maybe you could increase your speed or power enough to match the other two.


After matches, you gain resources apart from the experience and loot you can collect. These resources are used to assist your faction in areas on a map. For Honor’s world map is divided among the three factions. Along the borderlines are different areas where factions hold control. Every player’s resources have an effect on how much further that faction pushes into an opposing faction’s territory. Every six hours the map is updated to show how much it has changed. When you play you can see a round number and a season number at the top. This determines which round and seasons the multiplayer world is in. Rounds last weeks and seasons last even longer. At the end of every round, the faction with the most territory gets greater rewards. Faction’s that win at the end of the season have even greater rewards.

My main gripe with the game was a matchmaking issue, more specifically pairing opponents up. Often I was pitted against players that were a much higher rank than I was. Quickly I would get killed and that wasn’t very fun. This happened multiple times. Also, in Brawl, it didn’t always seem fair to have to take on two opponents without some sort of health boost or assist. Certain times I would beat my opponent but then have to take on the next one with little health. I hope they figure out a way to pair people with similar skill levels balance out the experience a bit more before launch.

Overall I had fun and was impressed by For Honor. The more I play the For Honor beta though the more I realize I might not be able to go toe-to-toe with more skilled players. That said, I am excited to check out the campaign. Either way, this game is more prominent on my radar than ever. For Honor releases on February 14th so keep an eye out for it.

Weekly XP: 1/15/2017

This week’s news includes details on Resident Evil 7’s  season pass, new additions to Grand Theft Auto V online and more. Let’s get to it.


According to Resident Evil 7’s Steam page, the game’s season pass will include three add-on content packs with two of them having various parts to them. Capcom said that all of the content will be released by the end of the year. The content listed:

1. Banned Footage Vol. 1

  • Nightmare
  • Bedroom
  • Ethan Must Die

2. Banned Footage Vol. 2

  • 21
  • Daughters
  • Jack’s 55th Birthday

3. Additional Story Episode (no additional details on this yet)


Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto Online is getting a new mode and vehicle. The new mode is called Collection Time and pits small groups of players against each other. Every player starts out with a bag of money which upon death is dropped. At the end of the match, the team that has picked up the most bags of money wins. Apart from the new mode the new sports car Dewbauchee Specter is being added to go along with the new mode. To celebrate Rockstar is offering double cash and reputation as well as giving players twenty-five percent off of Benny’s Upgrades until January 30th.


Indie developer Pixels Titans announced a release date for their game Strafe which is set to release March 28th on PC. Strafe is a throwback to fast-paced ninety’s games like Wolfenstein and Doom. The Game is also set to release on PlayStation 4 in the future. You can check out some gameplay here. (This game looks really cool keep it on your radar)


Playdead, the studio behind last year’s Inside, announced on their Twitter that they are already working on their next game. Besides the announcement, they showed off one single image shown above. (Playdead has earned a place in gamer’s hearts so keep an eye on them)


Nintendo announced via their Twitter that Mario Run will be coming to Android devices in March. Mario Run has been available to iOS devices for a month now. (This is too long of a wait in my opinion)

That’s all the news this week. Be back next week for a news recap.

Weekly XP: 1/8/2017

Welcome to 2017 everyone. Lots of various announcements and news bits to get to so let’s get started.

We start with the biggest news of the week the in-depth reveal of the Nintendo Switch. In a presentation Thursday night Nintendo revealed the price, details, and games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s new console launches on March 3rd and will retail for $299.99. The Nintendo Switch will come in two different colors gray, and neon, both retailing for the same price (Note that only the Joy-Con controllers change color). Each bundle will include two Joy-Con controllers, a TV dock, the console itself, and an AC adapter. Thirty-two gigabytes of internal memory will come with the Switch and you can add more storage via a Micro SD card. You can use the Nintendo Switch in three different play modes. Dock mode has you playing like a normal console as the tablet sits in the dock hooked up to your TV and you play using the Joy-Con controllers attached to the Joy-Con grip controller. Portable mode is when the tablet is undocked and you attach the Joy-Cons to the sides and play as a portable handheld. Lastly, is the tabletop mode where you can undock the tablet and have it sit on a surface while you play with the Joy-Con controllers unattached to the system. From tabletop mode, you can use both controllers or give one to a friend to play multiplayer. When the console is not docked Nintendo said you should get about two and a half to six and a half hours of battery life depending on the game but the Switch uses a USB Type-C connector so you could use a powerbank or charger. Docked the console will output at 1080p resolution on the TV (this is unclear, it might be 900p or around there) and when not docked the tablet will have 720p resolution. Switch’s screen is a multi-touch touchscreen as well. Nintendo also revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch on the same day as Switch and will also be available on the Wii U. A new online service was also announced that will have chat features, discounts, and monthly free games. Nintendo offered little more details on the service except that it will launch in the fall and you will have to pay for the service. Besides the console, a slew of new games was announced including Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Skyrim. A full list of games shown below and I’ll link some of the trailers for them.

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Nintendo Switch Games

Launch Day (March 3rd)

Upcoming Games

After some rumors earlier in the week about Scalebound’s fate Microsoft finally confirmed that Scalebound was canceled. Developed by Platinum Games and was meant to be an Xbox One exclusive. Platinum Games was known for games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Revengance.


Earlier this week Sony announced that they had closed developer Guerilla Cambridge. According to Sony Guerilla Cambridge’s closing has no effect on parent company Guerilla Games currently developing Horizon: Zero Dawn. The studio was most known for the Vita game Killzone: Mercenary and the VR game RIGS: Mechanized Combat Leauge.


Ubisoft announced that For Honor was getting a closed beta starting January 26th. It will run for three days and Ubisoft said there will rotating events during the beta so that players can try a variety of modes and experiences. If you want to sign up for the beta go here.


Microsoft announced the Series 2 update coming to Gears of War 4. The update will include two classic maps Clocktower and Blood Drive. Both maps will be free to everyone on January 17th but all season pass holders can get them now. Apart from the two maps, there will be a slew of new characters and weapon skins. Check them out in the image below.


That’s all the news this week. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and let me know what you think of the Nintendo Switch. Or leave your reply in the comments below. Until next time, play on.